LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Questions about complaints filed against a Lafayette City police officer have been put on hold.

The Lafayette Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service board made a deferment decision Monday, one week after Lafayette Police Chief Thomas Glover was terminated.

“They just said that they are going to defer for a month. I was asked if I had a comment, I went up and said I agree. I think it’s a good idea. When you have a new chief,  let the new chief get his feet under him before we start looking at all this stuff,” Lunsford stated.

Executive Director of Citizens for a New Louisiana, Michael Lunsford says his inquiry about citizens complaints against the LPD and whether the LPD conducted an internal investigation came from an anonymous tip.  

Lunsford reports that out of a number of cases he found two citizens’ complaints that appeared to have not been investigated by the police department.

According to the complaints, both involved Captain Michael Brown responding.

“Okay where’s this one and this one? Why aren’t those on the record as being in progress or at least assigned an internal affairs number or an investigation number of some kind.”

One citizens complaint involves a business on St. Antoine Street. 

The other complaint involves a tenant and landlord dispute where Captain Brown is accused of taking matters too far.

“They put him in handcuffs, pulled his ID, called it in all this other stuff and try to intimidate him is what the complaint reads,” Lunsford recalled.

Lunsford says he was surprised given tenant landlord disputes are often a civil matter.

“Normally the process is that this is a civil matter, call your attorney and see you later but that’s not what happened,” Lunsford stated.

Lunsford says at a previous board meeting, former Chief Glover explained the was internally reviewed and he found no need to further investigate.

“That’s the kind of the question I had. If you looked into it, there would have been an investigation there would have be something noted in the file.  I have the file  and it’s not there,” Lunsford added.

The request for an investigation is not to judge an officers conduct, but to determine if the LPD is investigating its employees with citizens complains.