Louisiana is receiving $66 million as part of revenue sharing from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

In Iberia parish, they are receiving $871,000 as their part of the share for coastal parishes.

As those who work with the coast say: it’s not about bringing it back, it’s about protecting what you have.

“We can dream about it. We can talk about what it used to be like. We ain’t bringing it back,” says Chairman of the Iberia Levee District Ben Langlanais.

Langlanais says it is a decent amount but not enough to complete all the projects the parish has.

“Bill Gates don’t have enough money to fix it in Iberia Parish,” says Langlanais.

Langlanais says the number of GOMESA disbursements to each parish came down to one factor.

“They identified what things could be done in every parish that could be significant projects,” says Langlanais.

The Executive Director of the Port of Iberia Craig Romero says to get the money, the projects have to be approved as part of the parish’s master plan.

“Can’t be used to play monopoly if you will. Can’t go down the road and do some pet project with it,” says Romero.

Romero references weeks bay which has eroded 200 yards from where its’ coastline was 20 years ago.

He says the money could open a door to shoreline protection projects.

“Stops as a wave dampening device to slow the way action from just constantly eroding soil which happens 24 hours a day,” says Romero.

Back in 2005, Hurricane Rita devastated this area.

They say they see it as the benchmark storm and try to prevent similar damage from happening again whether it’s short-term or especially long-term.

“Enhance our capabilities of defending our coastline and our community more importantly because it’s our lifestyle that’s threatened,” says Romero.

$450,000 will help pay for the installation of an 8-inch gas line that will allow for a major expansion of the Port’s Marine Division.