New Iberia club owner wants to set the record straight on recent shooting outside his venue


NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) Shots rang out in a parking lot near Club Unique before dawn Sunday, September 6 injuring five people.

The owners of the club now say they want people to know the shooting did not happen because of anything that happened inside of the club.

“When it got about ten minutes before closing, that’s when the shooting went down, and the shooting took place right up under the trees over there, which is actually two lots over from the club,” Ernest Cormier, the club’s manager, said.

That was just before two a.m.

Cormier says they had rented out their club to a group hosting a concert. He says he believes the target of the shooting was someone inside the party and when that person walked outside at the end of the night, the attackers opened fire.

“There was no fighting. There was not a fight in the club. Everything ran smoothly. The event went along fine. As I said, ten minutes before closing, those dudes were walking out to their cars and there the shooting went down,” Cormier added.

He says he wants people to know the shooting was not a result of a fight that broke out inside the club.

“The people that were shot had nothing to do with the concert. They had nothing to do with the concert. They had came to the concert, but they were being followed from an incident that stemmed from another situation in New Iberia, and they followed them here,” Cormier said.

The night before the shooting near Club Unique, two men were injured and another man was killed when a shooting broke out at a recording studio on North Landry Drive in New Iberia.

The club owners say they believe the same people who were involved in that shooting are the same people who were involved in the one near their club Sunday night.

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