RAYNE, La. (KLFY) – The city of Rayne, came together to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Today shows that people can come together. People can support each other, in our efforts to make this a better place to live,” says Rayne mayor Chuck Robichaux.

He, as well as other city leaders and prominent members of the community, were in attendance.

Robichaux hopes that the annual event will bring residents closer.

“We like every other community, we have our growing pains and we have our differences. We all agree to disagree, but we can all agree to come together and make things better,” the mayor says.

Hilda Wiltz, the event organizer adds: “The true meaning of bringing a city together, bringing people together like he did, the true meaning of being unified, and standing up for what’s just, what’s right and what’s peaceful.”

The theme for the city-wide celebration, was “Remaining awake through the great dream.”

“You know we have a lot going on in our society, instead of turning a blind eye we have to be awake for things if you see something acknowledge it,” says Jazzmin Evans.

Evans is not only a dancer but a 7th-grade math teacher.

She wants the youth in attendance, to know that they can change the world.

“So I just want them to understand, that even if we’re in a small town, you can still make a difference,” Evans explains.