Church Point campaign sign repeatedly being vandalized


A campaign sign for a Church Point man running for police chief was recently vandalized. 

A Facebook post from one Church Point resident has received a lot of attention regarding this vandalism. 

Several Church Point residents who wanted to remain anonymous say this has happened quite often to political signs in the area before. 

One woman who wished to remain anonymous, but wanted to give her views on this vandalism, says she saw the post on Facebook and is upset it happened. 

News Ten reports, “How do you feel about this?” 

“You shouldn’t vandalize somebody else’s property. You don’t have to like somebody, you don’t have to not like somebody, but you just don’t vandalize other people’s property.” 

According to social media, this has happened before to this particular candidate’s campaign sign. 

A Facebook post from July 10 shows one sign was found with a screwdriver in it. 

“This is not the first time it happened to him so it’s not right. Nobody goes around vandalizing anybody else’s signs… you shouldn’t do it to his as well. According to social media, it’s not the first time it’s happened and it’s just… again, keep your opinions to yourself. You don’t vandalize somebody else’s property because regardless, those are his property.” 

This resident says social media is a powerful thing and this particular Facebook post is getting much attention. 

“Social media to me is if you want to know anything, you go to social media and it’s sad. Social media can be evil because too many people post things that… I don’t know… I’m not, I read social media but I don’t comment or post.” 

News Ten reached out to the Church Point Police Department for comment and they simply said it’s under investigation. 

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism should contact the Church Point Police Department.

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