Changing the password on your WiFi router may deter hackers


Hackers are consistently trying to steal your personal information, and it could even be done through your WiFi router or network. 

Changing the original password of your home or small business WiFi network or router can help deter hackers. 

The default passwords are public making it very important that you set your own password.  

Scott Lavergne, CEO of Enterprise Data Concepts, says, “Turn off remote access to your router. A lot of routers allow you to do remote repairs— make sure that’s disabled. By default, most of them are these days, but just in case it’s not a bad idea to check.” 

Making sure your WiFi router or computer system allows current updates is critical.  

“Keeping your router up to date is a good idea— probably once a year login and run the updates on it,” adds Lavergne. “For your home, generally you have all these devices in there… as long as everything is up-to-date with security patches is probably the most important thing to do.” 

Communication between your computer and router is often unencrypted by default. Creating a password makes it harder for hackers to get into your system. 

“You basically create a password that you know on the WPA2 encryption and so when you go to join the network, it asks you for what type of encryption and what’s your password and then you get in and at that point all that communication on the wireless can’t be snooped by somebody else,” explains Lavergne. 

If your network is left unprotected, even those in close proximity can connect to your network and monitor any traffic going in and out. 

Brandon Angelle, an advanced repair agent with Best Buy Geek Squad, says, “That traffic includes things like your usernames, your bank account numbers. If you do anything through online bill pay, it’ll contain all of that information… basically anything going out over the internet they can get access to.” 

When it comes to hackers trying to get into your personal WiFi router or computer system, buying a hard drive to back up your system can help. 

Good backup is key if any information is lost. 

Security experts say when changing your WiFi router password– make sure it can’t be easily guessed. 

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