Cell phone policy confusion at Acadiana High


Almost every high schooler nowadays carries a cell phone, so it’s no wonder when the words ‘cell phones will not be permitted on campus’ were posted online, it caused a stir.

An article published by a local media outlet this Monday stated that according to a school announcement, Acadiana High School students would no longer be allowed to have cell phones on campus.

The announcement they’re referring to is a social media post from the AHS Facebook page about enforcing their ‘no cell phone use’ rule. 

But Joe Craig with Lafayette Parish School System says the school wasn’t trying to ban cell phones. Instead, they wanted to clarify the cell phone policy, “Kids can have their cell phones. Elementary middle and high school. The kids just have to know that they can’t have them out and they can’t be using them [during the school day].”

The most updated cell phone policy has been in place since 2017. Craig says anytime any changes are made, they have to be approved by the school board. 

Acadiana High Officials add that their ‘no cell phone usage’ reminder was just that: a reminder.

They said that reminder has nothing to do with a video which recently surfaced of on-campus fight that was recorded by a student and posted online.

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