RICHARD, La (KLFY) – Charlene Richard, known as the “Little Cajun Saint”, died 58 years ago today.

Her annual petition mass was celebrated in Richard, Louisiana.

Bishop Douglas Deshotel officiated the mass and organizers hope the strong turn out showed the bishop the need to kick start her canonization process.

Charlene was born and raised in Richard, where she is now buried.

“As I understand it Charlene was a person who was always concerned about others,” said Reggie Bollich, Deacon at St. Jules church.

Even during her death, Charlene lifted up her prayers and suffering to God for the benefit of others.

“There are many who claim miracles of healing as a result of praying to her,” said Bollich.

Thousands of people visit her grave every year to pray, ask for healing, and leave special intentions.

Dot DeRouen a devoted Catholic and believer in Charlene said, “Whenever I’m really heavy burdened and all, I just get in the car and I come to her grave and pray for her. I leave with peace, I leave with a lot of peace.”

St. Edwards church was packed with people who believe in Charlene’s intercession. Organizers hope that the mass was a representation of how many trust in Charlene and want to see her canonization.

Bollich said, “This is a good sign today, to have Bishop Douglas Deshotel come here and to meet the people who have been so devoted to this child in terms of her intercession for healing.”

The canonization process is long and expensive, but Charlene has devoted believers who will continue to spread the word about her intercession.