LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said don’t expect a stimulus check this time.

“This is not a stimulus bill. I’ll say this once more. The goal is not to be a stimulus bill. The goal is to get the economy and the American people over the next hump,” the senator told News 10.

Remember when every American adult received a $1,200 check from Uncle Sam to help during the economic shut down caused by the pandemic? Cassidy says that’s not included in this new COVID-19 relief bill.

“Do you want to keep people employed? Or, do you want to send them a stimulus check? We’re keeping people employed. That’s probably the better way, long term, to handle the economy,” he said.

The bill is about $900 billion. It includes $180 billion for emergency unemployment benefits. There’s nearly $300 billion for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, that’s aimed at keeping people employed. There’s also money for transportation, health care, education, and student loans.

“When you’re talking about the people who are most in need, those small employers who are about to go bankrupt and lay off all of their employees, we help them and keep people on the job. That’s a good stimulus. For those folks who are unemployed, I promise you they’re going to spend that money right away. That’s a pretty good stimulus.”

Senator Cassidy says this type relief is better targeted, opposed to sending another round of stimulus checks directly to Americans. He says it gives the country support until a COVID-19 vaccine is distributed early next year.

“This COVID relief package means we’re almost out of the woods. We’re in it together. We’re going to get through it together. And in the end, we’ll be better prepared for challenges in the future.”