CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – The Envie subdivision in Carencro is prone to flooding.

Back in 2012 many homes in the neighborhood were completely flooded out.

On Thursday, the flood wasn’t as near as bad as 2012, but neighbors say they are worried since the subdivision is technically not a designated flood zone.

Carencro residents Derek and Grisel Burgess said the rain started to pour around 9 a.m.

“When it was like really pouring I couldn’t even see through our street here. So I was not going to risk the car, I’m not going to do it,” Grisel Burgess said.

“The neighborhood was overwhelmed with water. It’s kind of a reoccurring theme,” Derek Burgess said.

According to residents, water crept into some neighbor’s garages and even flooded out some cars. The Burgess couple said water only went up to their driveway.

“When we drove in the truck and saw the other houses I still kind of got worried. When I came home there was no worry because our house sits a little it higher than everyone else,” Grisel Burgess said.

“The center of the neighborhood has like a bowl effect. So everything rushes to the center. And the drainage just simply can’t keep up,” Derek Burgess said.

Derek Burgess said drainage has improved since 2012, but it’s something the neighbors watch out for.

“It catches up pretty quickly, but those intense non-stop downpours, there’s just no way,” Derek Burgess said.

By Thursday evening the water had receded almost off of the roadways, with neighbors praying that’s the last of the heavy rain for awhile.