CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) An adult boutique is looking to expand into Carencro, however the owners say they are facing many challenges.

The owners of Crave, Mike and Joline Menard, have been in business for over the past two decades.

And for the past several weeks, they have been working on a brand new store in Carencro.

But for now, the couple has been told that they can’t sell adult toys, at their adult toy store.

“It’s a really bizarre set of circumstances, we don’t carry pornography, we have instructional things and lots of things to have fun with,” Mike Menard said.

The City of Carencro is citing a 2002 ordinance which states that the ordinance falls under an obscenity law which includes, “solicitation for viewing or the distribution of adult videos, literature, and sexual toys.”

Menard says this ordinance is outdated.

“It’s frustrating. I want to work with them. I wish they would give me a list of what I can and cannot have and I would be open to having that discussion,” he said.

He states in the Supreme Court case, Miller v. California, the items they sell aren’t legally obscene by the court of law and says because of this, he’s legally allowed to sell these items.

“We’re more than happy to work with Carencro to try and make this smooth, but I do want people to have access to the things we sell because I believe in what we do.”

The store is expected to open in April.