(WWL TV) Drivers in Louisiana are about to see their car insurance rates go up again.

It’s happening all across the country, but Louisiana is especially hard hit. The news didn’t go over well with drivers on Tuesday.

“It’s not fair,” Pete Roze said. “It’s just dog gone not fair. We already pay a lot of car insurance.”

Driver Calvin Rowe said he feels like he’s being punished despite his clean driving record.

“I’ve always had a perfect driving record, I aim to do that and the fact it’s going up again makes you feel powerless,” Rowe said.

“Oh man, I already pay too much for car insurance,” TJ the Barber said.

Rates are going up across the country due to distracted driving, low gas prices and high prices for auto repairs, but Louisiana has some specific issues keeping the auto insurance rate one of the highest in the country.

“There’s a lot of uninsured motorists and there’s a lot of stolen vehicles and there’s no such thing as a free lunch so we’re all paying for that,” Mid-City Auto Title and Insurance owner Don Fearn said.

14 percent of Louisiana drivers do not have insurance and 40 percent of drivers only have the bare minimum policy.

Other Louisiana specific factors are high accidents to litigation rates. According to the Department of Insurance, Louisiana has 17 percent of auto policies in place but 51 percent of lawsuits over auto policies.

Another state issue is flooding events. The 2016 Baton Rouge flood left 65,000 insured cars totaled and ended up costing insurance companies $700 million.

So however you want to budget it out, you’ll end up paying extra for car insurance this year.

“Our big tax break money, that $1.50 a week we’re going to get from the Federal Government is now going to go to insurance, thank you very much,” Roze said.

Insurance rate increase will be based on your insurance company, your car and your zip code.