Cajun basketball senior spotlight


The Cajuns basketball team has been special this season.

From their chemistry on the court to their relationships off of it, these guys aren’t just teammates, they’re family. 

 But how did these seniors get so close?

“Us going to Cuba, going to Cayman Island, just, it’s really brought together our togetherness,” answers senior Larenz Stalcup.

“The time we get to spend together, the bond, the laughter, and the fact that we’re winning makes it even better,” says Johnathan Stove.

“Our team chemistry’s been great since day one from last year when the guy’s head out to going to Cuba over the summer and going to the Cayman Islands,” says Frank Bartley.

There’s no doubt the team has spent a lot of time together. 

But what is it about these set of guys that makes them different from past teams? 

What are these players doing differently that is bringing them so much success?

“We’re very unselfish. I think we don’t we don’t really care who scores as long as we win,” Stove says. 

Jacob Broussard adds: “I think everybody cares about each other and we all have the same goal in mind.”

Washington and Stove have been playing ball together for years. 

“We played AAU together for a couple of years,” Washington says.

Now, they’re to the point where they can just mentally understand what the other’s plan is on the court.

“We think alike, you know if we on the fast break if he on the left side I’m on the right side…” Washington explains.

A lot of the success comes from head coach Bob Marlin, who has given these guys plenty of advice over the years.

“Just give it your all every single day, don’t take any days off,” says Broussard.

“Extraordinary people have extraordinary problems,” says Washington.

Stove adds: “It’s never as good as it seems it’s never as bad as it seems. That’s his favorite quote by the way.”

And with all the advice, comes a thank you from these seniors.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity that he has blessed me with…” says Stalcup.

Now, these guys have some advice of their own to give to future Cajuns, and it has to do with one of Bob Marlin’s coaching techniques. 

Stalcup says: “Get ready for those minute-sixes.”

Stove agrees:  “Keep your head up on those minute-sixes for sure, you’re going to need it.”

Overall, this team is something special, and they know it. 

A team that has broken records, seniors that have made history. 

There’s no denying their talent, and now, they’re looking forward to taking it to the Sun Belt conference championship. 

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