Lafayette Consolidated Government has announced that the Buchanan Street Parking Garage in downtown Lafayette has closed indefinitely.

The garage underwent a structural reassessment on Friday, and according to LCG officials, the engineers who conducted the inspection recommended closure of the garage in the interest of public safety.

In recent months there’s been talk about the future of the parking garage, which is currently owned by the Lafayette Parish government.

Concerns have come up of the cost for maintenance and repairs, bringing to light the possibility of it being sold to the city of Lafayette.

In a July interview with KLFY, Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux explains what they hope to do with the garage, “We’re trying to figure out a way where it can be a win for the parish and a win for the city cause the city needs that property especially with the old federal courthouse being put back in commerce.”

This talk started while the garage was still open to the public, but as of Friday afternoon, that is no longer the case. Due to safety concerns, the Buchanan Street Garage will be closed until further notice.

Now, however, Lafayette residents are speaking out, saying it’s necessary to have the parking space.

“It’s just going to become an issue when all the cars start parking on the street. It’s going to be over-crowded. It’s just more dangerous. I find that it’s more convenient to have the parking garage– especially for big events [downtown],” says Bailey Murphy.

For the time being, those who typically would park in the Buchanan Street Garage will now be redirected to the Vermilion Street Parking Garage at 121 E. Vermilion Street.

LCG has stated that although the closure is indefinite, a plan to address the safety issues is underway.