IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) Lindy Simmons attended Nicholls State University. Kamryn and Christopher Simmons were going to Acadiana Christian School in New Iberia. Shea talks about what happened after he heard about the tragic accident.

“I’m hoping that they didn’t experience any pain throughout this. I’m hoping that they went peacefully, but that fact of them being alone by themselves in different hospitals; it just eats me alive,” said Shea Simmons.

A family of nine children is now down to six.

“The babies were 20, 17, and 15. They were the last three living at home. The last three in school,” he said.

Shea looks back at the moments he will never get to see from his sisters and brother.

“My little sister was a photographer. She was in school and really flourishing in life. She had all kinds of shoots lined up,” said the brother.

Christopher and Kamryn were soon to be driving.

“My little sister was about to turn sixteen and start driving; she was so excited. My little brother was about to get a new car, and he was so excited,” he said, “He was telling all of his friends; he didn’t get that [chance].”

 Christopher was the most like Shea Simmons.

“He was the most like me and athletic. He was finally playing sports again. I was so happy.”

“I was making little edits for him, for his games, and I just bought him a baseball glove,” he reminisces. “He was going to be playing baseball soon, and I won’t have any more of those moments, you know. “

Remembering the life his siblings had ahead, he wishes things ended up differently.

“I would live homeless for the rest of my life to just have my babies back and let them get some life back,” he cried.