LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –There’s another side to the pandemic fallout.  A normal way of life has led to a less than normal blood donation supply.

Non-profit blood services provider Vitalant says donations are falling off even though people are getting out.

Vitalant communications manager Stephanie Kizziar said during the pandemic people had extra time on their hands.

“We were looking for things to do and looking for a way to give back, and blood donations was a great way to do that,” Kizziar stated.

Kizziar says Vitalant is in urgent need.

In early October, the need level was critical.

However, the organization was able to get enough nationwide donors to reduce the appeal to urgent.

“There’s still that urgent need. It’s not we’re good and no thanks we don’t need donors.  We need you to come in especially our O-Type donors because that’s one of the most used blood types; especially O-Negative.  That’s the one emergency personnel are going to reach for in case of traumatic injury where there’s not enough time to determine what a patient’ s blood type is.”

Kizziar explains that people every day need blood. The reasons range from car accidents, scheduled surgeries to even newborn babies.

“I always think about what if my loved one was in the hospital.  I would want to know that their blood type was readily available in case of any kind of emergency situation.  When the shelves are this low it’s kind of scary to think your loved one might be the one in the hospital who doesn’t have what they need,” Kizziar said.