NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — Two people are in jail after nearly beating a disabled New Iberia man to death, attacking the man to rob him of only one dollar.

“One dollar. I was told he was asked to give them one dollar,” Sergeant Daesha Hughes with the New Iberia Police Department said.

Rijhanelle Flugence and Joseph Roberts Jr. are now facing attempted first degree murder charges as well as cruelty to the infirmed.

Flugence was also charged with self-mutilation after police say she tried to kill herself while in a holding cell in the jail.

Sergeant Hughes says she believes Flugence and Roberts targeted their victim because he was disabled and blind.

“Mrs. Flugence lured the victim behind a residence, and when she had him behind the residence, another guy, Mr. Roberts Jr., followed them behind the residence and they beat the victim senseless,” she said.

Police say they beat the blind man in the head until he suffered brain bleeding and his eardrums busted. The attack caused further permanent damage to the already disabled man.

“They did know the victim. They were an acquaintance of the victim, Mrs. Flugence was. So he was comfortable going behind the residence with her for whatever she wanted. He knew her well, and like I said, he trusted these people. He knew who they were,” Sergeant Hughes added.

“Just be aware of your surroundings and be careful who you trust around you.”