IRS imposters have been around for years. One of the most notorious scams is the IRS phone call.

Jenn Love, BBB of Acadiana Business Administration Manager, says, “IRS imposters have actually been around for years. The Better Business Bureau and the IRS warn that it’s the most notorious scam is the IRS phone call. They have made millions of dollars off of this scam.”

One victim reached out to News Ten, saying she received a voicemail notifying her the IRS had a lawsuit against her.

The number they call from is 816-518-0333.

This is the voicemail:

“A lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States Government. You may call our department number at 816-518-0333.”

Another IRS phone scam involves telling a taxpayer their refund was an error and needs to be returned.

Jenn Love adds, “A collection agency will call. They’ll pretend to be on behalf of the IRS and they’ll tell you that you received your refund as an error and you have to return it immediately usually via gift cards.”