There is new information on a story KLFY first reported last week involving a Basile police officer who was arrested for domestic abuse with child endangerment.

The arrest happened back on July 19 but was not publicly released because of a special hearing.

The Gwen’s law hearing for 25 year-old Rasiem Fredericks came a day after his arrest.

The result of that hearing was having his bond set at $5,000 and that he must enroll in anger management classes.

According to the Tampa Police Department, Fredericks was also arrested in September of 2016 with the charges and the incident looking eerily similar.

Records indicate he was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic violence battery.

According to the incident report, Fredericks and the victim had recently ended a three-year relationship.

While he was moving out, the two argued over who would take the television.

That’s when investigators say the victim states “the verbal altercation escalated to the point that the defendent struck the victim on the right upper arm with an open hand, then went into the bedroom and returned with his duty belt that included his gun.”

The victim goes on to say “he removed the handgun from its holster, pointed it at her and stated 
“I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

Fredericks was booked in the Hillsborough County Jail on September 2nd.

On June 23rd 2017, Fredericks went to the Tampa Police Department to retrieve his handgun.

Documents show he was a law enforcement officer with the Washington Police Department in Louisiana at the time.

The State Attorney’s Office decided not to file charges against Fredericks and the firearm was returned to him that day.

Basile Police Chief Allen Ivory Jr. announced that Fredericks is now on administrative leave.

Ivory Jr. said the department will not comment on the matter until the investigation has concluded.