Bar owners seek injunction to re-open from federal judge in class-action lawsuit against the state


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- After Governor John Bel Edwards announced that bars had to close for a second time, bar owners across Louisiana joined together to file a class-action lawsuit against the state.

On Friday, July 31, the bar owners’ attorney went in front of a federal judge.

The judge denied the injunction to have bars re-open again, but he did grant them another hearing.

“If he had granted the injunction, we would have been able to open up immediately, so we could have been open last weekend,” Ty Boudoin said.

Instead of granting the injunction on July 31, the federal judge denied it, but Ty Boudoin, owner of Quarter Tavern bar in New Iberia, says he did so with good reason.

“The reason he denied it is because he wants more information from the governor and from bar owners. He just didn’t want to make a decision without having enough information,” Boudoin told News Ten.

He says the judge set another hearing for the class-action lawsuit in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the bar owners are working together to help the federal judges as well as Governor Edwards understand why they feel it’s unfair they have to close.

“All weekend long, people are sending me stuff from casinos and restaurants. We’re not trying to get these places shut down. All we’re trying to do is be on the same playing field as them. That’s all we’re asking for. People that normally come to my bar are now going to restaurants. They’re over there drinking because they can’t drink here, but they can go over there and drink. It’s just not fair to bar owners,” Boudoin added.

He says the attorney will be able to present the injunction to a federal judge again at a hearing on August 17.

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