OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) The owner of Frank’s restaurant in Opelousas has issued an apology after a racially insensitive phrase was used on a customer’s receipt.

An Opelousas family went to Frank’s for crawfish on Saturday and on the receipt, the words “Balck family by window’ was used to identify them.

Owner Michael Fontenot said as soon as it was brought to his attention, it was addressed.

On the restaurant’s social media page, he wrote:

“It is with a humble heart I come to you asking for grace and forgiveness on behalf of myself, my family and all my staff due to an employee who not only used poor judgment when identifying a customer for our internal ordering system, but created pain and hurt feelings.”

He went on to say, “I have a zero tolerance policy regarding any discriminatory behavior, and while I believe the sincere remorse expressed to me by the server, the action was still a violation of those expectations and will be disciplined, up to and including termination.”

Comments from social media users were divided following the apology.

“Thank you Mike I know YOU personally and this is something that you NEVER condone,” one customer said in a response on social media.

Another said: “Mike, I got your back. This in no way reflects the views of Frank’s. Also from what I saw there was in no way a racist comment. The ticket literally just identified the folks based on there color!! They are all about “Black lives matter” until someone refers to them as black!! Mike I will just stop by twice a week now!”

There were also those who called out the establishment.

“This place has been racist. They probably have been displaying this behavior. The only difference is someone called them out this time.”

Another said:

“This is one of the most KNOWN Racist places in Opelousas La. I’ve been here all my life and all black people know never shop here. It’s for whites only.”

Although the post makes no mention of it, it remains unknown if using a phrase to identify a customer was inconsistent with the normal identification process at Frank’s.

“Further, this experience has shown a need to re-engage my staff in training’s and effective immediately, staff will only use customer names in the system, which is already a universal standard,” Fontenot said.