“Baby it’s Cold Outside” hits a sour note for some


Radio stations across the country have decided not to play a popular Christmas song on air this year. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” has been black listed at some stations after the rise of the Me Too movement. 

Some consider the 1940’s song a Christmas classic, others say it portrays a date rape like situation. In 2018 that argument has cause many stations to pull the Christmas song, and you won’t be hearing baby outside on Q95.5 or MAGIC104.7 this year. 

“We are a station that focuses on community and bringing people together and we are basically targeted towards women on both of those stations so why play a song that is, if you listen to it the lyrics are questionable,” says Jerold Jackson the program director for Q95.5 and MAGIC104.7. 

In 1944 when the song was written it was  socially unacceptable for an unmarried women to spend the night with a boyfriend or fiancé. Some have noted the women’s response in the song come from the fear of people’s opinions rather than her aversion to spending the night. But as times change, critics argues the cultural context of the story has also changed. 

“It’s a very antiquated old way of, disgusting way of looking at women quite frankly,” says Tess Brunet the co-owner of Lagniappe Records. She hopes the controversy around the song brings more meaningful conversations. She says, “Is really outdated way of thinking and it is something that needs to be spoken about.”

Jackson says, “You just have to be careful about who you were thing. And we’re just a radio station trying to have a good time and having fun.”

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