EUNICE, La. (KLFY)- Officials say “gray death” is so powerful just touching it could kill you, and now police are warning the public that the new, deadly drug is making its way across the state.

“How much ‘gray death’ is in Louisiana right now? We don’t know,” Eunice City Marshal Terry Darbonne said.

“Gray death” first appeared in St. Mary Parish on January 27.

“Gray death” recovered in St. Mary Parish

It was the first sample of “gray death” ever reported in Louisiana.

Less than two weeks later, officers in St. Landry Parish arrested a suspect with the deadly drug.

“Even though we haven’t seen that much of it, evidently it’s out there,” Darbonne said.

This has law enforcement agencies wondering where “gray death” will pop up next.

“If it’s in St. Mary Parish, it is now in St. Landry Parish, and if it’s in St. Landry Parish, it’s also somewhere else around,” Darbonne told News 10.

“Gray death” looks like a rock, but medical professionals say the drug is powerful enough to tranquilize an elephant.

“Gray death” recovered in St. Landry Parish

Because doctors say just touching “gray death” could kill you, law enforcement officials say they are worried not only about the public’s safety, but the safety of their officers.

“A lot of times whenever you go to pat down a drug dealer, some officers don’t have gloves on, and you can come into contact with that,” Darbonne said. “It could cause death to the officer that is handling it.”

That’s why the Eunice City Marshal’s Office and the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office want to warn people and fellow officers about the dangers of this new, deadly narcotic.

“I highly recommend all of our local police agencies really take a look at it and give training to your officers because your officers working the streets will be the ones to come into contact with these drug dealers,” Darbonne said.

If you find a substance you believe may be “gray death,” authorities advise not to touch it and call 911.

The “gray death” recovered in St. Landry Parish is being sent to state police for testing.