IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) Janet Irvin was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the case of Quawan “Bobby” Charles and faces a charge of failure to report a missing child as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

She’s been at the center of the investigation since Charles was found dead on November 3.

Nearly three months later, Irvin is now sitting behind bards inside the Iberia Parish jail.

“I’m confident that my office has put together an extremely strong case against Mrs. Irvin,” Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero said. “Immediately upon the arrest, I personally spoke with the parents of Quawan Charles. I hope this arrest begins to help their family heal, and by no means is this case closed.”

Although Janet Irvin was arrested Tuesday, Quawan Charles’ family and their attorneys believe the arrest should have came sooner.

“Although we are celebrating the fact that this is a big step in the right direction as to getting justice for Quawan and getting answers for the family, justice is never too late. However, we believe that probable cause existed long before they arrested Janet Irvin on these charges,” Ron Haley, an attorney for Charles’ family, said.

Janet Irvin is facing two charges, though the first charge for failure to report a missing child is a felony.

“She did not report Quawan missing within a certain amount of time. That’s evident by the statements that she’s given to our investigators and presumably law enforcement officers know when she called 911 or went to the police stations to report it,” Haley added. “That was well after the time period that existed. She could’ve been arrested then after Quawan ended up dead.”

The second charge Janet Irvin faces is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“We learned early on in our investigation the potential use of drugs and alcohol at her residence. Again, early on we knew these things, but we are happy that she’s being held accountable somewhat for her role in this,” he told News Ten.

Haley says Janet Irvin’s arrest is only the start of justice for Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles and believes more charges and arrests are likely.

“I think those who are responsible for his death, those who are directly responsible for his cover up have to be nervous this afternoon. They have to be nervous,” he said. “Does Janet know more than what she does know? The fact that she has been arrested, does that mean she’s going to talk more? What information is going to come out from this arrest?”