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Are there too many billboards in Louisiana? Some groups & lawmakers hope change is on way

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – There are proposals in both the Louisiana House of Represenatives and the Senate, to limit the amount of billboards on Louisiana highways and across the state.
That could include all those trial attorney billboards
The goal is to try and make highways more scenic and less distracting for drivers.
“Louisiana’s lawsuit culture is no secret. In fact, it’s heavily advertised and that’s a problem,” said the political group ‘Grow Louisiana Coalition‘ in an advertisement.
There’s push from both political organizations and state legislators to avoid an increase in the amount of billboards.
“We’re not trying to eliminate billboards we’re just trying to make them less intrusive,” said State Senator Conrad Appel (R), District 9.

The proposals are House Concurrent Resolution 4 and Senate Bill 211.
They would both primarily look at billboard licensing fees, the space between each billboard, and stop construction on more of them.
“We have a beautiful state, and to me, billboards are like litter on the highway,” said Sen. Appel.
Some groups like the ‘Grow Louisiana Coaltion‘ say attorney billboards specifically are a problem, costing the state investments and good paying jobs.
However, Sen. Appel says his bill is not about that exactly.
“I don’t care what’s on those billboards whether it’s lawyers, doctors, hospitals or toothpicks. Frankly I have to tell you, I think they’re all ugly,” he said.
Locals here in Acadiana have mixed feelings about the excess billboards.
“I don’t mind them, I’m not a distraction,” said Nick Flowers.
“I think the attorney billboards are just way too much and it’s distracting,” said Jennifer Disman.
“It doesn’t really bother me or something. For me as a driver it’s entertaining a lot because I see it all the time,” said Duane Terry.
These are just 2 of the roughly 800 pieces of legislation that Committees will hear in the coming weeks.
Lamar Advertising told our CBS affiliate WAFB in Baton Rouge, they oppose the bill, calling the legislation “anti-business.”

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