April Foulcard still serves as Mayor of Jeanerette, despite recent indictment


Jeanerette Mayor April Foulcard was released from jail Monday night after posting $17,000 bond. The mayor along with three of her family members were indicted last week on Medicaid fraud and other charges. 
There’s confusion as to who is running the city of Jeanerette during this time. News Ten spoke with the city’s state-appointed fiscal administrator. 

Word spread that David Greer, the fiscal administrator was acting as mayor. He says that’s not true. His sole job at this time is to get Jeanerette’s finances back on track. 

In his role as fiscal administrator, he is in charge of all of the city’s finances.

He says even though he isn’t acting as Mayor, many of the responsibilities that fall under his job cover tasks performed by the mayor. 

April Foulcard is still the mayor of Jeanerette at this time. She and her brother, who’s Iberia Parish councilman did post bond last night. 

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