LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) A south Louisiana city’s first community electric vehicle charging station has been installed.

The new station is located in downtown Lafayette.

The charging station was installed through the efforts of Bayou Electric Vehicles, Alliance for Affordable Energy, Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority, JEH Solar, Toce Financial and donations from 25 contributors through a GoFundMe campaign, said Jeff LeBlanc, of Bayou Electric Vehicles.

“It was really great to see the community come together for this project,” he said. “This station will attract electric vehicle drivers commuting between Lake Charles and Baton Rouge to visit downtown Lafayette and charge up. It will also make it easier to drive an electric vehicle in the city.”

The charging unit has a plug used by most electric vehicles with the exception of Tesla vehicles, which would need an adapter. Charging is free but has a two-hour time limit.

Meanwhile, Lafayette Utilities System announced in April it is in the early stages of pursuing a pilot program to add electric vehicle charging stations. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette also has an electric vehicle charger at Cajun Field as does West Regional Public Library in nearby Scott.