AmeriGlobe Flood Barriers are saving Businesses


Lafayette, La- Ameriglobe has made their living creating packaging for different company’s over the years.  After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill Ameriglobe was approached, about creating barriers to protect buildings from flood waters.

“We were approached by a man who experienced flooding at his home in Florida. He had the idea and we were able to just expand on that.” Said Danny Schnaars, VP of Ameriglobe.

Recently Ameriglobes barriers have helped city’s like Fargo, North Dakota, as well as other Midwestern cities save property from rising waters.

Schnaars says “We sold 26 miles of barriers to Fargo for the flooding.”

What is good about these barriers, is that if there is a hole in one cell, it won’t ruin the entire barrier.

” Our barriers are easy to set up, compared to alot of the other ones available.” Said Schnaars

There are real concerns concerning flooding in South Louisiana along the Mississippi River as the river level is rising because of the amount of snow fall that has taken place up north and across the Midwest this winter.

Schnaars said. “Trying to get to businesses and small communities. Its easier for them to find the money.” 

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