A current scam is fooling victims into paying hundreds of dollars for a job at Amazon that doesn’t exist. 

There’s a new twist on this particular work-at-home employment scam. 

Local consumers report that they’ve received a voicemail message inviting them to apply for a job at amazon.     

Allegedly, the online retailer is hiring dozens of people to list products online, post reviews, and do other website work. 

President/CEO with the Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana, says, “This particular scam is just like any other scam and the fact that they’ll try every method possible just to get your money. They’ll try and say everything, anything just to get your money, your personal information… could be a case of identity theft.” 

Allegedly, the fake position claims that it pays well and you can work from home. Targets report anything from $20/hour – $6,000/month. 

News Ten reports, “You’ve been getting calls about this recently… what are consumers saying here? 

“Well, the consumers are telling us different things and this is loca and this particular one is here now and so what it does is it preys on people that need money,” explains Gott. 

News Ten reports, “They’re asking for you to apply online and then what happens next?” 

“It’s probably not secured and if you give them personal information, one, it’s not an encrypted site. You don’t even know what this is you didn’t track them down,” Gott adds. “You’re just  

“You’re paying for a job… I think it’s the other way around. They’re supposed to pay you so that’s the first red flag or the second or the third,” Gott explains. “These big brands are trusted, but it’s phony the whole thing’s phony so they’re using somebody’s good name for their advantage and they’re asking for personal information which is identity theft and they’re out of the country most of the time.” 

Here’s how to spot this employment scam: 

  • Be cautious of any job that asks you to share your personal information or hand over money. 

  • Check the business’s website. 

  • Scammers frequently post jobs using the names of real companies such as amazon to lend legitimacy to their cons. 

  • Work at home at your own pace– always be wary of work from home opportunities that are riddled with testimonials. 

  • If a job looks suspicious, search for it online 

If you have a scam you’d like me to investigate, feel free to send me an email at smasters@klfy.com

According to the Better Business Bureau, there are legitimate work-at-home companies that do hire… you just need to be on the lookout and research them. 

Experts suggest using a credit card when paying for items online because you can potentially get your money back from your credit card provider if it’s a scam.