Over the past few months, we’ve told you about a laser light therapy targeting the body’s nerves. 

Patients with a variety of ailments say this treatment is life changing. 

Stefani Domingue and Erin Reed undergo infrared light treatment at least once a week. 

One has lower back pain, the other suffers from migraines. 

They say it’s been a long road to recovery. 

 “I was at a loss. I had gone to see so many orthopedic surgeons and I wasn’t getting any relief,” Domingue said. 

Reed was always in bed because of insufferable migraines. 

“It was lights that would trigger, stress. I wasn’t working i was in bed,” Reed said. 

Chiropractic physician Dr. Chris Cormier says he uses infrared light lasers to restore power that nerves can lose over times. 

“If you go through your life and nobody is ever checking every little part of your body to see if the nerves are connected .then sometimes the brain doesn’t ever sense a weakness if it happens,” Cormier said. 

Domingue is University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s dance coach. Earlier this year, she said she couldn’t sit in a chair, let alone without sharp pains shooting out of her lower back. 

Dr. Cormier uses infrared light to heal her nerves. 


“The first visit I came in here I got relief,” Domingue said. “After taking probably a year off from dancing, Dr Cormier had me dancing within three or four months.”

Meanwhile, Reed has suffered debilitating migraines for 25 years. 

“He worked with the lights, turned my nerves back on and told me to turn to the right,” said Reed. “WhenI I realized I could do this, I just cried and cried. It was almost like miracle. I wasn’t able to turn my head in days.”

Cormier says the light turns the nerves “back on”, allowing the nerves to function property. 

“If no one ever checks that, maybe your brain auto-corrects, maybe it won’t,” the doctor said. “Ideally, you want to make sure this thing is powered up to your whole entire body.”

It’s one way to manage pain naturally without medication, he added.