Albertsons adds safety precautions in stores amidst coronavirus pandemic


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Grocery stores are seeing an influx of customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

One local store is adding safety precautions. 

Albertsons is staying open for customers and adding extra hours for cleaning and sanitizing their stores.

Daniel Moore, District Manager with Albertsons said, “It is one of the busiest times we’ve ever had, and we are going to stay open. I want customers to know that. We are not going to shut our doors.”​​

“We’ve never seen business this consistent… this many days in a row. We’ve never seen it like this,” Moore added.​

In preparation for the coronavirus pandemic, Albertsons has implemented safety precautions… installing plexiglass shields at each cash register, protecting both the cashiers and customers.​​

“You’ll see in our stores we’ve implemented social distancing so you’ll see lines on the floor at the cash register, at the Starbucks, and throughout the store anywhere where we’re servicing any of the customers, you’re going to see lines there so we can keep the distance between the customers,” explained Moore.

​In addition to their normal cleaning schedule, Albertsons has added at least 400 extra hours a week dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing.​

Marcus Duhon, Store Director with the Albertsons on Johnston Street in Lafayette, said, ​”right now, our biggest priority is just cleanliness and sanitation. Obviously, it’s always a big deal for us to be food safe, but with the current events, we’ve taken it up a big notch every hour cleaning all over the store.”​​

Moore said, “I think the community is recognizing what the employees are doing, everyday coming to work, putting their own health at risk while they do this, and we’ve had so many examples of employees going above and beyond during this time.”

If you’re looking for employment, Albertsons is hiring. You can apply online at or in store.

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