LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) As airlines take extra measures to ensure travelers are safe, airport terminal managers are doing the same.

The Executive Director of the Lafayette Regional Airport Steven Picou says safety protocols are being followed.

“The airport has deployed hand sanitizers throughout the terminal.  People can utilize the hand sanitizers particularly at the top of the escalators and the bottom of the escalators for when they touch high touch areas,” Picou said.

Plus, there’s the governors mandate on people wearing face masks.

“You must where face coverings in the building and when you get on the airline; the airlines have requirements to get on the aircraft that you have to wear face coverings as well,” Picou added.

And some travelers are saying they have their reasons for traveling this despite the pandemic.

“I’m super careful, but I also don’t want to live in fear. I’m doing my best to be a good and responsible citizen but at the same time I’m living my life and making the most of the holidays. I think a balance is important, but I’m still figuring it out,” Meghan Fontenot said.

Mason Menard, a professional boxer who’s heading to Florida for a boxing match, says he’s use to traveling even during the pandemic.

“I mean it’s the same thing for me except that now we got to wear a mask and take precautions.” 

On the road, the Coplin family drives through Acadiana for Tennessee.

“Just going to do our immediate family.  Her sister and her boyfriend and we’re going to go there and have a small mini family Thanksgiving.”  

For others the choice to travel has little to do with the holiday but more about being there when needed most.

“Unfortunately, it’s pretty important this year because we have a loved one who’s getting kind of up in age and we may not even see him next month, that’s why we’re heading out,” Darrell Alley added.