AG Jeff Landry responds to LCG charter opinion:”I have no political opinion.”


UPDATE: In an interview with News 10 today, Attorney General Jeff Landry said his opinion on the newly amended LCG Home Rule Charter does not stem from political bias.

I have no political opinion, Landry said today. It’s asking to follow the law. It’s pretty clear.

News 10’s Renee Allen will have more tonight at 5 p.m. 

ORIGINAL: Attorney General Jeff Landry sent a letter to State Senator Bob Hensgens, District 26 of Abbeville on Tuesday.  Senator Hensgens requested Landry’s opinion on the newly-amended LCG Home Rule Charter being fixed by ordinance.

The attorney general stated that such changes cannot be made by ordinance.  

Senator Hensgens says he has constituents in Lafayette, Vermilion and acadia parishes.  Hensgens says his constituents have a right to know what’s what. One of the 21,000 people I represent in Lafayette Parish asked me to look into this and clarify the charter issue, Hensgens explained.

Upon hearing about the attorney general’s take on the ordinance issue, the senator says the council can now make an informed decision. This day and age the public wants to see light on what we are doing.  

LCG Council Chairman Jared Bellard has a message for the full council:  

We don’t want to start out with this new form of government under a huge cloud.  For those who vote in favor of the ordinance, are only encouraging a lawsuit which will cost taxpayers money and delay this further, Bellard said.

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