After collapse, Jennings band director shares his survival story


JENNINGS, La. (KLFY)- On Sept. 6, Jennings High Band director Brandon Strain went into cardiac arrest.

He tells News 10 it is a miracle that he is here today.

He said he doesn’t remember much of that day.
“Everything I know about that day is what people have told me,” said Strain.

The director and his Bulldog Band were on their way to perform.
When they arrived, Strain collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

He was gone for 15 mins.

Joshua Crochet, father of band members, jumped into action to save Strain’s life.

“One of the ones on the scene was Josh Crochet. He is a band parent. He started pounding my chest,” Strain said.

He explains how this whole experience has changed his life.

“You have to do a lot of reflecting and their was time in the hospital for that and everything that happen to me is avoidable and I know that,” the band director said. “That’s just one of the things you have to accept and move on.”

Brandon strain is thankful to all first responders.

He believes more people need to get involved in CPR training to maybe save the life of someone you know.

“I’m only here because of them and I think it pushes the point that we need more people to know bystander CPR that is something that would be important,” he said.

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