Rubber guns may be on hand but the lessons are all the same.

Luis Ramirez and Cody Perron are two former Marines and the founders of Fidelis Global Group, an international business teaching active shooter safety this week in Ville Platte.

“I called him and said I think there is something here that we can protect in the future and basically provide this security service,” says Ramirez.

When you encounter an active shooter, the first task is to evade.

“To evade you want to run the opposite direction of a sound of gunfire,” says Perron.

Then you obstruct by making your way to a safe room.

“First ring of security is you lock the door. ..lock the door…second ring barricade with any and everything you have available,” says Perron.

Just as important is pre-recognition.

They encourage you to look for anything out of the ordinary.

“You want to look for irregular things on their body like a bulge for example. There’s a gun there,” says Perron.

Groups like Ville Platte city government, Evangeline Parish School Board, two local banks and a hospital will partake in the workshop.

The goal is for clients to pass their knowledge on so masses can become aware.

“Were trying to create in the beginning…how to prepare in advance and then how to prepare your facility, how to prepare your school, and any other organizational aspects,” says Perron.

The class is available to the public on Saturday.

You can sign-up by going to the Fidelis Global Group’s Facebook page.