Acadia St. Landry Hospital preserving PPE, using PAPR, powered air purifying respirator


ACADIA PARISH, (KLFY)- One hospital in Acadia Parish is using precautionary measures in helping to protect its staff from COVID-19.
Acadia St. Landry Hospital in Church Point is prepared should any cases of COVID-19 arrive.

In an effort to preserve Personal Protective Equipment and as a precautionary measure, some staff at Acadia St. Landry Hospital are wearing a PAPR, Powered Air Purifying Respirator.​

“In this pack back here is a high-efficiency particulate filter. This filter filters out 99.97% of air particles,” Jeremiah Meck, RN and Program Coordinator at Acadia St. Landry Hospital explained. “That clean air then is pushed up through this hose into the top of the hood providing a positive air pressure within the hood, and if you would feel underneath here, there’s some holes here you can actually feel the air coming out from the mask, and that’s extremely important because that positive pressure in the mask ensures that the individual wearing the PAPR is breathing in and out that clean air as opposed to the air that is in the environment in which they’re working.”​

Dr. Ty Hargroder, Chief of Staff at Acadia St. Landry Hospital, added, “The air is coming in through the pump in the back, up through the hose to the back of the mask, and so he has fresh air coming in, blowing out the holes here, and also blowing out the sides at times.”​​Dr. Hargroder said he wears a PAPR every day.​

“The nice part about it is it’s reusable. You wipe it down, clean it off, and we’re saving our N95s for emergencies,” explained Dr. Hargroder.

​​”The N95 can feel smothering or suffocating at times,” explained Meck. “It’s tied to your face, and it’s hot because you’re constantly breathing in and out of this small mask, where this is providing you fresh, clean air from the environment which you’re working which is a lot cooler.”

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