ACADIANA Parish, La. (KLFY) – You may remember Sandra Trahan and the Trahan family, News 10 interviewed them back in 2021, when they suspected foul play in the death of their son, George.

On Tuesday, we met them again, but minus one member, Hardy Trahan Jr, Sandra’s husband, who she lost in january of this year.

News 10 caught up, again, with the tragedy stricken family about why they dialed Dalfred this time.

In Jan. of this year, Sandra Trahan lost her husband Hardy. Since his passing, she’s run into a few problems, none more bothersome than the site of her husbands grave.

“They waited three weeks to put him in the ground, they were already burying other people in this cemetery way before that,” Sandra said. “So, I don’t understand why they were taking so long so I called to find out.”

Sandra would learn wet weather and some miscommunication led to the hold up. Sources also said this portion of the cemetery floods in heavy rain.

“Finally, after he’s in the ground, about a week and a half his graves starts caving in,” Sandra said.

Sandra said she had to threaten to call News 10 and a lawyer. The next day, they were out there fixing it.

Now to her biggest issue, Sandra said her surface vault was never put in place. Which is why only dirt tops her husband gravesite.

“I paid for it. I want it done!” Sandra said.

According to the receipts, Trahan paid the the burial company for a single vault, but she wants to be buried with her husband.

Here it reads the surface vault should be added later. With an outstanding balance of $1,565 for the surface vault.

You may have noticed we didn’t mention the burial company by name, and that’s because they’re not entirely at fault.

After I did my due diligence, Sandra admits that what we have here is a newly widowed wife, still grieving her son from two years ago not fully understanding the terminology and all that goes into planning a funeral.

With that said, there are several free services that will help you navigate the funeral process.

The Trahan family has started a GoFundMe to help raise the money for Sandra’s vault.

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