UPDATE: 6:15 P.M.: Just one month after an attempted ATM robbery came crashing through the walls of Lewisburg Grocery, tragedy would strike again when the building would catch fire.

“We got a call just before 3 am this morning reporting that Lewisburg grocery was on fire and we arrived to find the structure heavily engulfed in smoke and flames and we did our best to do what we do,” Fire Chief Larry Primeaux said.

Primeaux says the result of the fire was a total loss of the building.

This fire comes just one month after a truck crashed through the entry way of the building in an attempt to steal the ATM.

The business owners just repaired the damages from the attempted theft only for this fire to occur just weeks later.

Customers of Lewisburg grocery are sad for the business owner saying the store was a very helpful part of the community.

“Man it’s sad for the business owner. And for this little community that was a nice little stop for the people right here in Lewisburg back in the country. You know, after a long day of cutting grass or riding horses its a good spot where they don’t have to go all the way into Opelousas or go to Church Point to get something cold to drink or some fresh sausage.”

Chief Primeaux says there is still no idea what caused the fire.

“We have no idea as to what the cause of the fire is at this time. State Fire Marshal has the investigation under their control now.”

LEWISBURG, La. (KLFY)– KLFY News 10 has been notified about a fire at Weston’s Grocery.

News 10 has not been able to get details regarding the circumstances or damage sustained in the fire after reaching out to Church Point Fire Department and St. Landry Parish Fire Department District 3. However, News 10 is on the scene after being contacted by viewers via phone.

This story will be updated as more details become available.

Weston's Grocery
Weston’s Grocery