ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — This holiday season the Grinch isn’t the only one stealing Christmas.

The Acadia parish Sheriff’s Office warns people about protecting themselves; their homes and their possessions.

Sheriff KP Gibson said holidays are the time of year he and his deputies see the most thefts occur. He said there is an increase in people reporting stolen things from their homes and cars around Acadia parish.

“It’s a continual battle for us every day,” Gibson said. “We see that especially thefts are something that stays as a high number.”

Gibson said thefts typically happen based on how secure something is when a person is trying to steal something.

“You see a lot more theft because it’s opportunity,” Gibson said. “It’s easier to walk into a front yard or under a garage and grab something versus going into a fixed structure such as a car, house, or a building of that aspect.”

He said some actions to take in protecting your home against burglars and theft is to not disclose when you are away from home, have a neighbor collect mail if you are gone, and get a security system or security cameras.

“A lot of people are investing in these wi-if cameras and so forth. If you have them, put them in places that may be vulnerable to having someone come on your property,” Gibson said.

Gibson said although this does not eliminate theft and burglary from happening, it decreases the chances a person will be a victim of crime.

“There’s no guarantee that somebody’s not going to try to break into it or will break into it, holidays are the ones where you have to really be careful because that’s when we see a lot more of both activities,” Gibson said.

Gibson also said in addition to taking the necessary steps to secure your home and possessions, also make sure you are aware of your surroundings.