CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — A stabbing in a Crowley supermarket Sunday evening has landed a young woman back into trouble just two weeks after turning herself in for a previous incident.

Police Chief Jimmy Broussard told News 10 the suspect of the stabbing was also involved in the hit and run incident on Highway LA 132.

Crowley police responded to a stabbing Sunday evening after reports of two people being injured. The suspect, 22 year old Ember Ware was said to have stabbed a Super One employee in an unprovoked attack.

“At the present time it is seen as an unprovoked attack. we cannot determine anything, in fact watching video, it does not appear anything was said between the customer and employee.”

The victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries and has since been released. Ware was arrested and taken to a hospital to be treated for her wounds and later charged with attempted second-degree murder. 

Ware was arrested and booked into the Acadia parish jail where she is currently held without bond.

This is Ware’s second run-in with law enforcement just after a hit and run in Crowley two weeks prior. Chief Broussard said she was the driver of the hit and run that became fatal.

At the time of hit and run, Ware was charged with a felony hit and run as the victim was not yet dead. However, the hit and run victim died days later. This left Wares felony hit and run charge to be determined by the DA if it will change.

Chief Broussard said because Ware was involved in two different incidents, there will be different charges.

 “Two different occurrences, two different charges. The first one being a felony hit and run, which it can if the DA chooses they can up those charges. Yesterday she was arrested for attempted second degree murder.”