CROWLEY, La., (KLFY) – After dozens of shootings and several murders in Crowley, the city may be getting new security cameras to combat crime — for no cost to taxpayers.

Over 15 cameras would be installed across the city if approved. They would cost over $150,000 and grant money will be used to purchase them. They will be installed several at a time.

The Acadia Parish Police Jury has been spearheading the project with the help of the Crowley Police Department and the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Police Juror Walter Andrus has been pushing for them to be installed since he was elected to his position.

“It’s been a year-long journey,” he said. “It would be able to save not only the parish, but also the city a bunch of man-hours trying to investigate without having anything to go on.”

According to the Acadia Parish Police Jury, they have gained support from leaders across the community, including Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard and Acadia Parish Sheriff KP Gibson.

“It may not stop homicides, but at least people can feel secure when they go into their dwellings at night or in the day,” Andrus said.

The location of the cameras will not be released and the police jury also has the approval from CLECO to install the cameras on the telephone poles.

While this has yet to be completely approved, they’re hopeful that with everyone on board at this point, the cameras will be installed in the coming weeks.

“I think once we start using them, the people are going to be asking for more in the area,” Andrus said.