CROWLEY, La (KLFY)– A young boy is in the hospital recovering after being hit by a school bus in Crowley.

Acadia Parish school officials said they are investigating to find out what lead to this incident. Moments after school let out at South Crowley Elementary, a student was injured after being hit by a school bus making a turn. The student was rushed to the hospital after emergency personnel and the bus driver rendered aid.

Scott Richard with the Acadia Parish School Board said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon moments after students were dismissed. He said a group of students were walking home when a school bus turned and struck one of them.

“An unfortunate situation occurred,” Richard said. “An accident where a student was struck by a school bus.”

He said when the student got hit, the bus driver immediately provided aid like they’re trained to do until emergency personnel arrived. The student was taken to a hospital to receive treatment and is expected to make a recovery. He said in the mean time, the school board is making sure resources, counselors and school psychologists will be on hand to work with students who may have witnessed what happened.

“So we’re following our processes today to work with the students and the school to make sure that people understand that the student’s going to be okay,” Richard said.

He said they are taking the matter very seriously and taking every measure to investigate how this happened.

“We’re following our standard processes through the investigation process to determine what happened to the best of our ability,” Richard said.

He said although it is still very early in the investigation, it seems what took place was an accident.

“Purely at this point in time based on preliminary investigations, it seems as if it was simply an accident,” he added. “And we’re very hopeful and prayerful that we’ll see this young student back at school as soon as possible.”

Richard wants to remind everyone when driving near and around schools, to be aware of their surroundings and to eliminate distracted driving.