CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) Acadia Parish educators have decided to move from the traditional five-day school week to a four-day week for the upcoming 2023-2024 calendar year.

“What makes the change a little more significant here in Acadia is that for the past 21 years, we’ve operated with four schools out of the 26 on a four-day work week where Friday was the non-instructional day. The board decided to move forward with consistency across the parish, and all schools will have a non-instructional day on Monday starting next school year.” Superintendent Scott Richard said.

There were three options, each with different components, he said.  

He said after months of debate and getting input from stakeholders, the board decided to move forward with a 4-day work week. 

After Labor Day, every Monday would be a non-instructional day. 

Several parents and staff members have voiced their concerns about the suggested calendar. 

“I like to say that none of those calendars are acceptable from the standpoint of faculty and the community that feels that people aren’t listening,” one person who addressed the board said.  

Parent Falisha Lejeune said she has children who attend Midland High School and Mermentau Elementary School and is concerned about the student’s needing remediation and how they will adjust next year on Monday’s.  

“Now you’re having to wait the whole weekend and the Monday to review something they went over the previous week, and I just don’t think the children are being thought of, everyone says ‘No Child Left Behind’, but they are leaving kids behind because nothing is being talked about regarding the remediation, and these kids really, really need it.” 

Richard responded to her comment:

“We will focus on remediation on Mondays and work with our principals to make sure those students that are behind would be able to be afforded the opportunity for tutoring and remediation on the non-instructional day.”

Furthermore, Richard said while this is a big step for the Acadia Parish school board, the following steps are to effectively communicate the new calendars to all stakeholders and start making the necessary adjustments and all of the logistics that go into changing a calendar.