ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Complaints are growing about feral cats roaming through yards and neighborhoods.  A woman who lives in Acadia parish, Rene’ Stansberry is doing what she can to tackle the problem.

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) is a process used on feral or undomesticated cats. Stansberry tries to find homes for the feral cats that arrive on her property.  However, Stansberry said when she gets rid of one three more appear.

“I had to lock all the other cats in the garage to use this trap to trap him because he is feral, he doesn’t like to come around you or anything, “Stansberry stated.

She captured a feral cat, but needs to have it fixed before releasing it.

“I live in an area that is sort of rural outside the city limits, so cats are constantly showing up at my house,” Stansberry noted.

Stansberry is not alone when dealing with feral cats and the increasing number of them.  The effort to manage those cats often falls on people who don’t own cats.

Stansberry spends a nice bit of time trying to find homes for the ones she’s able to catch.

“There are programs out there.  If people would just fix their animals, it would control the population and we would have these problems for individuals at their homes,” Stansberry said.