ACADIA PARISH, La (KLFY)– Everyone knows that crawfish are a Louisiana staple.

With the recent cold snap, many are left wondering if the crawfish season will be plentiful.

Trent Broussard is a crawfish farmer whose family owns Acadia Crawfish Company, LLC.

He says the cold weather will certainly have an effect on the season which started Jan. 1.

“We can see it in the fields where it will completely stop the catch, they just won’t move. The water will get so cold it will put their crawfish into what we call a malt, and they just won’t really move, won’t really have a lot of activity, and it will also hurt the vegetation out there that the crawfish have to eat. It will kill it from the frost.”

He says just like other crops have specific seasons; crawfish season is really important for Louisiana’s agriculture.

“Crawfish crop is another crop, it’s just like a rice or soybean and we need to get through the year, it’s another crop, so it’s pretty important.”

Broussard is encouraging everyone to buy local.