RAYNE, La (KLFY) — In Rayne a notice for a public hearing to consider increased taxes on the city’s millage rates is actually a discussion on the approved renewal that was already voted on last council meeting.

An increase in taxes without voter approval was on the agenda for tonight’s public hearing, but the city’s Mayor Chuck Robicheaux says the wording on the agenda is incorrect.

“Our last month’s meeting we had the millage increase for general alimony and youth recreation and had a public hearing and it was voted to pass it just to roll it forward from the current rate. And, the reason we’re having to redo it is because the wording on our posting for the agenda was not totally correct as the legislative auditors would like it for publishing purposes,” said Robicheaux.

Robicheaux says tonight’s hearing is just a formality to satisfy legislative auditors requirements for public posting of the already approved renewal of the city’s millage rates.

The original posting for tonight’s meeting did not reflect the correct wording and that the tax renewal was voted on at the city’s last public hearing.

Robicheaux says about 90 cents will be allocated to the general alimony and 70 cents will be allocated to youth recreation. He says this reflects a total citywide increase of about a dollar and sixty cent per property owner which was already voted on and approved.