RAYNE, La. (KLFY) — An ordinance in place banning people 13 years and older from trick-or-treating in Rayne is hard for some people to believe.

Rayne’s Mayor Chuck Robicheaux says the ordinance in place is difficult to patrol as people of all ages look different during Halloween.

“It’s kind of hard to enforce that, you know once you’re in a costume, and children today, some are very young that look older and vice versa,” said Robicheaux.

The Halloween law bans older kids trick-or-treating indicating , it unlawful for any person who has reached their thirteenth birthday to trick or treat on Halloween night.

Parents like Jessica Citizen and Freddie Broussard say children should trick-or-treat no matter their age.

“I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. As a parent of teenagers and a high school teacher, there are so many things that those kids could be doing,” said Citizen. “Why would we want to discourage them from trick-or-treating of all things?”

Mayor Robicheaux says not only is the ordinance hard to enforce, but it would also be time consuming to change it.

“To change, you know, and it’s it takes two or three months by the time you do a public hearing and actually vote on it. And thirty days later, it goes in effect. It’s too late,” Robicheaux explained.

Other people like London Morgan says she doesn’t agree with the ordinance because it get in the way of older siblings’ trick or treating with there younger siblings.

“I think especially the older siblings who are 13 and older, should be able to take their little siblings out and go trick or treating with them as like a family,” Morgan said.

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