RAYNE, La. (KLFY) — An ordinance restricting Sunday alcohol sales in Rayne could possibly be amended by the city’s council at its next meeting.

For over thirty years the city of Rayne has made it illegal for a business to sell hard liquor on Sundays. However, there is an exception for restaurants. Devin Bearb, the owner of Daiquiri Divas told News 10 that he’s created a petition to let council members know people in the community want the ordinance amended. He said that if the council votes against amending the ordinance, businesses like his would continue to be affected by missing out on increased revenue.

Daiquiri Divas is just one of the businesses not allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays. With the city’s current ordinance banning all Sunday sales of alcohol, Bearb said not only is it unfair to businesses like his, but people should have the right and freedom to purchase alcohol whenever they want.

“It literally steals 52 days of revenue from businesses such as mine,” Bearb said. “And it would still affect the bottom line a great deal and also infringes on the rights of those people to be able to have the choice to do whatever we want.”

Eight months ago the council voted 3-2 to keep the ordinance as it is. James Fontenot, District 4 city councilman, introduced the ordinance to amend at Thursday’s city council meeting. It will likely be voted on at the next meeting on Feb. 13.

Fontenot said that there has been positive and negative feedback to amending the ordinance.

“The negative that we’ve been told is that possibly religious organizations and whatnot, they would just prefer not to have it because of the services they provide on Sundays,” Fontenot said.

Bearb said that he has gathered over 600 signatures for his petition to amend the ordinance. He also said that he believes everyone should show up to voice their opinion on the matter and finally make a change.

“If you believe in freedom and you believe in the free will of people, you should absolutely show up to this meeting,” he said.

Although amending the ordinance has been voted against in the past, people are now hopeful that amending the ordinance will happen.

“It feels like it’s incredibly unfair. I’d love to see the mental gymnastics that it takes for someone to jump through hoops to justify this actually happening,” Bearb said.