CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — Following Tuesday’s threats at Crowley Middle School, parents are looking for a resolution.

Vincent Doucet, a parent of a Crowley middle school student, told News 10, “Well my concern is the safety of our children as I feel, and I feel most parents feel the same, the concerns have happened so many times in the past two and a half months of school it’s the nightmare our kids are having to live day in and day out when they go to school of being put on lockdown.”

Doucet plans to voice his concerns and ideas for resolution at the next school board meeting.

“Officers on campus daily. Maybe metal detectors; somebody scanning these kids to make sure they’re not bringing weapons to school,” Doucet said. “Every school should have a resource officer, I mean look what happened in Uvalde. I think the school board should be able to provide some sort of security to each school.”

Crowley Chief of Police, Jimmy Broussard, said officers respond quickly to emergencies like today due to the location of the police station.

“Because we responded within one minute to the incident and within 10 minutes we had located the suspect and had him detained for questioning,” said Broussard.

Even with a short staff, Broussard said Crowley police is in communication with the school board to increase police presence on campuses.

“I understand the parent’s concern, these are our children and our future and we want to make sure they’re safe. It is difficult with a very short-handed staff, but the superintendent and I have been in conversations, we are looking into something that would give more presence at the school,” Broussard said.

He hopes to finalize this plan with the school board in the next few weeks.