CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — The Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into a shooting that occurred at the Meadows Apartments.

The Tezeno’s family said they are scarred by the gun violence in their community after a family member has been sent to the hospital after getting shot. News 10’s Rodricka Taylor spoke with the family who are seeking answers from law enforcement. 

The mother of a victim, Yona Tezeno, wishes not to release her son’s name but said her 28 year old son was shot several times while sitting on a chair outside the Meadows apartment Friday evening. He was taken to a hospital. Tezeno said he has been in critical condition since the shooting. 

“I don’t know what happened because we were in the house sleeping. Thank God for the neighbor that was outside at the time,” said Tezeno. “He had enough strength to stick the key in the door and the neighbor was passing through and helped him out and unlocked it for him and beaten on our bedroom door and told us my child had just got shot. He had him laying on the couch.”

Tezeno said her family has been impacted by several shooting in Crowley and wonders when justice will be served. 

In April, Crowley police said a shooting at the W. 10th St. left a juvenile and, Roy Guidry, who was in a wheelchair injured. Guidry is the twin brother of Shavon Guidry‘s husband. 

In July Shavon spoke with News 10 and said her home was shot for the second time. Crowley police said no one was injured but the home had several bullet holes around the house and in the bedroom. 

Acadia Parish Sheriff KP Gibson had this to say about the reoccurring shootings,

“Our investigators are working on this case and have leads they are following up on. We will release more information as the investigation allows,” said Gibson.

Anyone with information call the sheriff’s office or Crimestoppers at 337-789-TIPS.